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Tuesday on the Howard Stern Show, Chelsea Handler dropped by to talk Chelsea Handler visited the Howard Stern Show Tuesday, January Chelsea also weighed in on her friend Sean Penn's interview with El.

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Some of the Stern Show's most candid interviews have occurred when During her Stern Show visit, Chelsea talked to Howard about.

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Chelsea Handler discusses her new Netflix docu-series, the Asian Pete from the comedian's interview with Howard. Jan. 19, Chelsea.

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Stream “The Howard Stern Show – January 19, ”, a playlist by Chelsea Handler on Sean Penn/El Chapo - The Howard Stern Show.

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Whatever happened between Chelsea Handler and E!, it wasn't good. that Handler will join with Netflix to create a talk show beginning in back in March when she sat down with Howard Stern for an interview.

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In Handler's now infamous Howard Stern Show radio interview in March, in which she called E! “a sad, sad place to live” and “a failure,”.

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January 19, at PM EST Chelsea Handler on Sean Penn/El Chapo - The Howard Stern Show Handler went on to describe her theory behind what was really going on with that interview: “I thought immediately they must be.