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The car in question is a Vauxhall Astra, na engine. When accelerating the car feels hesitant, it will accelerate as normal and then have.

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Hi all, I drive a corsa d diesel. Has just under k miles and has recently started juddering under light acceleration but it only seems.

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My car judders when accelerating - could this be down to previous misfuelling? On odd occasions What's causing my Vauxhall Astra diesel to judder? I own a .

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Only today noticed that the car was having issues when trying to accelerate At present i'm having to change down to 3rd to avoid the car juddering/misfiring.

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If I continue to accelerate it will usually happened a few times within say 10 seconds. and above I get the occasional loss of power causing a strong judder in the car. .. car juddering when accelerating vauxhall astra diesel.

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Has just developed a really strong judder (I call it kangarooing) this It's really strong juddering the whole car jumps up and down, quite scary.