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Ignition timing, and your ability to set it as Willys intended, is dependent on . to the Willys Service Manual, for "Jeep" Universal, publication SMR5,

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A question regarding fuel x ignition timing: In my country, Brazil, the gasoline is 87 octanes Kaiser M About Willys added the"timing indicator" (# ). cj5 T98a - made from spare parts - Jeep green.

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L Ignition Timing L Timing (MB, page, PDF file) . With the distributor in this maxed out CCW position, the Willys runs pretty.

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Affected are all post Universal and Dispatcher model Jeeps, and likely all other post Jeeps powered with the cubic-inch Willys engines and CJ -3B,5,6,DJ-3, Autolite IAY (WO # ), 6 and 12 volt Place the distributor in the correct timing position and install the hold down screw.

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Looking for Engine parts for your vintage Willys or Jeep? Ignition Timing, 5° BTC Excerpt from the Service Manual for Universal Jeep Vehicles page

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Year, Engine or Car Model, Spark Plug Gap, Point Gap, Dwell Angle, Firing Order , Ignition Timing (BTDC or Mark), Valve Lash. Intake, Exhaust. , L4 Sta.